Learn how cricket online betting works

cricket online betting

Cricket has been one of the most popular sports in countries like England, Ireland, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. It has also gained a lot of popularity in countries like China, Nepal and UAE.

Due to immense popularity and following among fans, cricket betting has seen rapid growth over the past couple of years with people who enjoy online gambling in India. With many top online bookmakers, such as 10cric.com, offering profitable and appealing cricket odds, you can easily place your bets before the game and can also bet during live cricket matches.

In the past, the five-day format was the most popular among cricket fans. The introduction of 50-over format brought more people to the game across the world.

Many prominent online cricket bookmakers and their cricket betting apps provide cricket betting odds for all three formats of the game:

  • Test cricket
  • One Day International cricket
  • _T20 cricket. _

In this article, we shall tell how cricket online betting works .

Learn and Understand Cricket Betting Odds

The betting odds in the game of cricket are not much different to sports such as football, basketball and tennis. For example, you will have to spend $2.00 for earning the returns of 2.50 on the 2.0/2.5 odds. The winning amount is inclusive of the initial investment you have placed on the bet. The odds are generally shown a fraction or ratio, where left hand side will show the amount placed and the right hand side will show the winning amount.

  • If the odds are shown as 1/5, then it means that you can earn $5.00 by a betting $1.00.
  • You can expect best cricket odds when you place your bets on a weak team.

Major factors that affect their Cricketing odds

Now we will look deeper into major factors that affects the cricket odds.

Home advantage

In cricket, playing at home is considered to be a huge advantage. This means that country playing in their home conditions have a greater chance of the winning the contest. Due to large fan base at the stadium rooting for home side, they will always be able to better cope with pressure and come out on top in the contest.

Player performances

One must keep track on great players and their performances in the past six months. Players like Virat Kohli, Kagiso Rabada and David Warner do well in all different types of conditions. Sometimes past record for a player against a team can help you make a better decision whether he will do well or not. The cricket betting sites allow punters to place their bets on individual players.

Nature of the pitch

The surface prepared for a cricket match has a big impact on the game. Pitches in Australia and South Africa generally offer pace and bounce for quick bowlers, On the other hand, the surfaces in India and Sri Lanka offer slow and turning pitches. With the Duke Cricket Ball used in England, the quick bowlers get more swing and seam movement from the pitch. It is important you do research on players and the conditions that suit their style of play.

For example, England pacer James Anderson is more likely to finish with a ten-wicket haul in a Test match played in England rather than on docile pitches in India. 

IPL Betting Online

India is one of the biggest markets for cricket online betting. Due to large following of cricket across the country, many players register and place their bets on matches that involve Indian cricket team. The season reaches all-time high when Indian Premier League (IPL) begins in the month of April. This period is a considered the biggest one among bookies as new customers sign up and place their bets on their favorite teams playing in the IPL.

A cricket punter needs to proper analysis and keep in mind different factors that have an impact on the result of the game. That’s why they should do as much research as they can, understand the game, know the players - and keep an eye on the latest news and odds from a good bookmaker or online casino.